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Bucket List

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1. Life My life to the Fullest - Completed Everyday  
2. Get Married 
3. Be a Father 
4. Own a House 
5. Own a brand New Car - Completed 
6. Go Skydiving 
7. Climb Mount Hood 
8. Drive in a Race Car 
9. Be Successful  
10. Make Champion Level in West Coast Swing 
11. Be First in a West Coast Competition - Completed 
12. Kiss the Girl of my dreams 
13. Go to Germany 
14. Go Wakeboarding 
15. Shoot a Handgun - Completed 
16. Throw an Awesome Party 
17. Take a girl to the beach and watch the Sunset - Completed 
18. Drive Coast to Coast 
19. Run a Marathon 
20. Be 200 Pounds 
21. Meet the Cast of the Buried Life 
22. Go to a Patriots Game 
23. Get over a fear - Completed 
24. Be an inspiration to someone - Completed 
25. Help a complete stranger because I can - Completed 
26. Volunteer at a children's Hospital 
27. Learn to Breakdance 
28. Dance at the Eiffel Tower 
29. West Coast swing on the East Coast - Completed 
30. Give a Toast at a wedding - Completed 
31. Give everyone in a pub, a drink free 
32. Learn how to speak another language 
33. Graduate college 
34. Play a perfect game of Halo 
35. Watch all Star Wars movies in order of release 
36. Watch all Harry Potter Movies in order 
37. Watch Lord of the Rings in Order (extended cuts) 
38. Go to a Blazers Game in the Front Row 
39. Go to Hollywood 
40. See Niagra Falls 
41. Go to Alaska and Snowboard 
42. Go to a Beavers Game 
43. Go to Mardi Gras 
44. Go on a Road trip Alone - Completed 
45. Go Scuba Diving 
46. Go Surfing - Completed 
47. Travel to France and research family history 
48. Ride a ferris wheel with girlfriend - Completed 
49. Break out of my shell and be vulnerable - completed 
50. Buy Groceries for Someone 
51. Go to Europe 
52. Be apart of a west coast swing Flashmob 
53. Dance in a different Country (canada included) - Completed 
54. Go to CES - Completed 
55. Go to E3 
56. Kiss in the rain - completed 
57. Dance WCS in every State 
58. Compete in the French Open (WCS Event) 
59. buy a New wardrobe 1Time - completed 
60. Drive a GoKart - completed 
61. Propose to the girl of my dreams at the top of the Eiffel Tower 
Be an Inspiration to someone - Completed 
Showing 62 items